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Paulina Ree Incorrect. Forbes wrote a great article explaining the Game Grumps Legend Of Zelda Link Names List Hoodie psychologically clinical issues surrounding this commercial as it relates to toxic masculinity specifically and human behaviour as a whole. There’s is virtually zero chance that those who are offended by this commercial are articulating the points conveyed by this article. That there is A conflicting perspective doesn’t mean that is the conflicting perspective from those angry at this ad. I figured that out by using critical thinking. The targets of this commercial are lashing out because their inexcusable behaviour is being exposed. They mad and they’re embarrassed. The irony that the messaging should be delicate and softer so that they don’t react emotionally is the greatest of all ironies. Louise Butler it would have more of a effect if people protested the treatment of women who aren’t getting the same respect/treatment as men, say in Saudi Arabia. Paulina Ree The Forbes article says nothing about outrage against the ad. It points out that the tactic it uses may not be effective from a psychological standpoint.

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Maybe you need to be a little more careful before accusing others of looking stupid. Or, ya know, when you post an article to support your argument, maybe you should make sure the article actually supports your argument. The Forbes article also ignores other things in the psychological literature such as the bystander effect and diffusion of responsibility effect. If men believe that they themselves and most men are good, they’ll be less likely to call out other men or intervene because they’ll believe someone else will, or that it is not their responsibility to do so. What is also likely to happen is they will rationalize other men’s bad behavior because they have the belief that most men are good. Jeff Stephanie Huston Must hurt when privilege that’s always been assumed is called out and denied, huh. Tom Weidig What a boutism also known as what aboutery is a variant of the tu quoque logical fallacy that attempts to discredit an opponent’s position by charging them with hypocrisy without directly refuting or disproving their Game Grumps Legend Of Zelda Link Names List Hoodie argument. Very sorry. I seem to have linked a wrong article on the subject from Forbes. This is the one i read this morning that explains it.

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