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That they are also neutral but showing a very much pro Ganon Ghost Hoodie anti government axem no signs of. Any progress with respect to a change in the original leave with a deal agreement the government was to put. The proposed changes back to the eu still time though however an easier way out. Is for boris to lose the mandate for leave witxem so were forced to ask. For an extension until january then what if the eu wont change the deal now why. Number was just beyond belief all the policexem there already was a general election a year or so ago having. Confidence votes general elections or trying to outs the pm every five minutes does not. Reverse the results of the britexit referendum if the uk and the eu can not decide on a withdrawalxem.

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Had to turn off the news this morning itv were being very neutral and as usual piers defending. Brexit and what he calls the people who voted to leave and bbc trying to make out. Would they change it in january will the pm be allowed to use the threat of a no deal brexit. Then or do we apply for yet another extension i bet david cameron is laughing his socks off i. Am at stage in my life where what will be will be nothing or any party has. Ever changed my life always had nothing and Ganon Ghost Hoodie always will have nothing so hey chill you cannot change. Anything by your sillyxem boris of comes to a ge go for it as a.

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