Geminipremium – Pride I Love My Lesbian Daughter LGBT Shirt

In the Before Times, Vogue was publishing hundreds, if not thousands, of street style photos each season, and some of the best came out of the menswear shows. As menswear came to rival the Geminipremium – Pride I Love My Lesbian Daughter LGBT Shirt women’s industry in terms of celebrity designers, It items, and boundary-pushing style, the scene at the men’s shows transformed too. By 2018, the days of normcore and suits were long over, replaced by newly bold and experimental modes of dressing. The shift is best represented by a handful of well-dressed guys: models like Alton Mason and Xu Meen, designers such as Charles Jeffrey, and editors including Mobolaji Dawodu, Yu Masui, Ben Cobb, Luke Jefferson Day, and Blake Abbie. As evidenced by the photos here, each one has a completely different approach to getting dressed and is rarely influenced by “trends” or what’s selling online. Their looks feel intuitive and genuine, exactly what personal style is supposed to be.

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