Grandpa Is My Boo Shirt

Grandpa Is My Boo Shirt, Hoodie And Sweater

The grandpa is my boo shirt!  A local design student is selling T-shirts to raise money to help health workers fight the coronavirus outbreak at several John Muir Medical Centers across the Bay Area. want to spend more of her time looking for ways to repay the favor to make a positive impact on her local community and grandpa is my boo shirt!  

 Grandpa Is My Boo Shirt

 Grandpa Is My Boo Sweater

“Normally I am at school right now in LA, but since classes are being switched online, I return home to Danville,” Rickey said. Rickey first designed t-shirts for his local community that read ‘Danville Together’ and ‘San Ramon Together’, but has since expanded his reach by designing a different T-shirt. has the content “Bay Area Together”and grandpa is my boo shirt!  

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