The Grinch Hand holding 2020 Merry X-mask Sweatshirt

As Ratajkowksi begins to embrace her baby bump, Morrison doesn’t The Grinch Hand holding 2020 Merry X-mask Sweatshirt want her style to deviate too much from what it was pre-pregnancy. “It’s such a powerful time for her. She’s running a company, she’s writing a book and she’s carrying a child,” she says. “I really want her wardrobe to reflect all of her current empowerment.” In that sense, we can expect for Ratajkowski to carry her boardroom sensibilities forward into her second and third trimesters. “I feel like pregnant women tend to avoid tailored looks, which of course makes sense since there’s physical construction. There’s a way that we can figure out a style of dressing and appropriate outfits that still are super tailored and super sharp and super chic. We’re not sacrificing any of her tried-and-true aesthetic just because now that there’s an added element.”


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