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They found out too, some of these kids were brought not by parents but by smugglers, cartels.Thats just the Harry Potter Leviosa Hermione shirt trading to beat the introduction of tariffs, now you will see the tariffs do its damage to the US economy. We have more secure country where terrorists and lawless people are not cuddled, there is more productivity.
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There’s pro’s and con’s to both choices but the Harry Potter Leviosa Hermione shirt of voters voted leave so we will have to deal with the pro’s and con’s of brexit and those who chose remain will have to just suck it up rather than acting like spoilt children desperate for a way back.

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What exactly did you vote for I’m interested? Did you honestly vote for stock piling food and drugs for example? Or large companies leaving the Harry Potter Leviosa Hermione shirt in job losses? None of this was mentioned by either side in the run up to the referendum.

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