Houston Astros Heart Diamond Shirt

Houston Astros Heart Diamond Shirt! And yet, it is true that life, like a 2-sided coin when sowing hexagrams, has tails, face upside down. No one can predict whether his life will be tipped or on his back. Her husband gambled and born debt, alcohol all day. He beat her cruelly. Remembering the sun once, he took off all her clothes, tied right in front of the alley, then hit, then cursed.

He cursed that she was a bastard, a slut, a lewd, … He drank and cursed at the same time. He used the belt that had lost his strap to beat like crazy, like crazy on her body. Houston Astros Heart Diamond Shirt! Only children like Sunshine, curiosity ran to see, and adults, everyone just stood far away or closed in the house. Mom told people stories.

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