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I Am A Marvelaholic Sweater


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It’s easy to judge people when we don’t know their situations. Not everyone has access to transportation at the drop of a hat, and abusers can be master manipulators. Jacquelyn Dana Well, if visitation is ordered, you cannot deny it. And who knows why she missed the hearing. ave I Am A Marvelaholic Sweater had fun having to close most of a perfectly good health unit in Atlanta. Keep being awful at journalism. Less CNN, more joy in the world. Natasha Lantz how do you know that was not for want of trying. Maybe she did do all the things you’re assuming she didn’t do, and after nothing being done for so long she gave up. Dear god almighty, no one is perfect. I’m positive there are logical reasons for why she didn’t do these things. If you’ve never been in an abusive relationship or lived with a sociopath and a manipulator, you have no idea what it’s like. They will use anything they can to destroy you, even after you leave. Have some decency and actually think about things before you start making assumptions.

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She was in court twice in Florida trying to get them back. And for not being able to see them, she was still paying child support for them. Stop enabling the behavior of these men by vilifying the woman and direct your anger where it should be. What is unconscionable are those who support and approve of conspiring with an adversarial government to subvert the American electorial process. By their actions and support, they as guilty as the trump of Collusion and treason. You know sweet FA of her situation.the I Am A Marvelaholic Sweater mother was neglect as well, she didn’t protect her child as it is a mother maternal instinct to do so. Her missing that court hearing was her son’s death sentence smh. May the father and stepmother rot and die in a jail cell but the biological mother will forever be haunted by this. She was supposed to be involved in her sons’ life and she wasn’t. When you’re poor, a lawyer is appointed to you. Maybe she had no idea about the hearing because it changed and she wasn’t informed, or she couldn’t get the time off work, or something like that.

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