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I miss her so much . I look forward to the day I I’m Not Racist I Have A White Friend Hoodie can walk hand in hand with her and sing to her again. First, our society needs more people like this lady instead of the whiny, radicals with their hand out always causing trouble somewhere. This concept is sweet, but as someone with profound hearing loss, I feel a little bit protective of grandma’s experience here. She obviously can hear some of the song because she recognizes it and sings along for part of it, but it really doesn’t seem like she can hear well enough to know if the young woman has a good voice or not. I am glad they are looking for ways to connect, but from personal experience connecting through song or music is not the way to go when someone has hearing loss. I grew up with music and for the most part, it soothes and comforts me in ways nothing else can.

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My grandparents had significant hearing loss at the end of their lives, and yet they loved to hear my mom play the piano while I sang. It was a joy for them that words can’t begin to explain. My grandmother would ask us to play and don’t. My father in law has a significant hearing loss and something like Minere’s in one ear. And yet music comforts him and settles him when he is stressed. That’s something each person needs in their life, and I’m sorry you don’t have this comfort in yours. Oh, please. I used to sing and play piano for my great grandma when she was near blind and deaf and it comforted her to know that her offspring were being raised up on the hymns she had grown up singing. Get off your high horse. Your negativity is what is wrong with the world. And I bet you would be one of those family members I couldn’t stand to deal with as I care for their elderly parent or grandparent. Ech . you make me sick. Invite Him deep into your heart and soul. If you havent already please repent and ask Jesus to forgive you of your sins.if you I’m Not Racist I Have A White Friend Hoodie haave already asked Him PTL. Let your soul feel and meditate on what the Lord has for you personally. Then you will understand what is really taking place here.

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