I’m Retired Going Cruising Is My Job Shirt

I’m Retired Going Cruising Is My Job Shirt! “Phao is very evil with my mother and my son, he is against the idea that he will fight, I will repeat the sentence that he will fight again. He will not let Thuy go to school because he is afraid that he will know more than his father later, he will despise him. Everybody told me to despise him because I went to the ninth grade but he had a sixth grade,

and my grandmother Thuy also despised him because I didn’t have a son … I’m miserable. I couldn’t help but study, just leave her at home to do the farming, I don’t know what to say, she’ll fight … I’m Retired Going Cruising Is My Job Shirt! But from seeing you again yesterday, I am determined to die even if my children let me go to school Ngan, You try to help me, my daughter must become a teacher like you.

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