Indate on newartshirt on 2020/10/27

I felt like I had the flu. Throughout my pregnancy I would see the PA filling in because my OB was in practice alone, so waiting over an hour was not uncommon. With a toddler, I tried to minimize that. However, my mom agreed to drive to Lexington and keep Ady so I could see my OB. I recall a nurse telling me after I expressed not feeling well, ‘Well you look pretty.’ My blood pressure was slightly elevated, not alarming in any way. But, for me, it was very, very high. My OB asked me to lay on my left side and instructed the Indate on newartshirt on 2020/10/27 to check it again. When it was still elevated, she ordered labs. I remember the difficulty of finding a vein. After multiple attempts, she asked if I wanted to come back the next day. At that moment, as exhausted as I was, I remember pausing before answering and then thinking she had to draw them. I didn’t have the energy to come back later.

Black cat I am small and sensitive but also fight Me shirt

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