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Dracula followed his father to live in the old city of Tirgoviste on the banks of the Dimbovita river. Dracula’s life here has changed a lot compared to Transylvania. In his opinion, in addition to his combat skills, Dracula was taught geography, mathematics, science, language, classical art and philosophy.

In terms of appearance, Dracula and he are very similar to his father in terms of dark skin, hooked nose and high cheekbones. In terms of personality, Dracula was influenced by his temper-tempered father.

For Dracul, he became the respected Prince of Wallachia. He rules his country strictly but fairly. However, Wallachia was always pinched down by the forces of the Turkish King Murad II. Murad II’s troops were everywhere, plundering, raging Wallachia. And in fact, it is Murad II, not Dracul, who owns Wallachia. Dracul was forced to spend 10,000 ducat gold annually to keep the big cities of Wallachia from being plundered.


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