It’s Cor-o-na Not Coron-a Shirt

 It’s Cor-o-na Not Coron-a Shirt, Hoodie And Sweataer

The it’s cor-o-na not coron-a shirt!  In Old Normal, you buy a new shirt, wear it to work and people pay attention. “Oh, new blouse!” Or, “Mmmm, a new shirt.” Pandemic Days Now Normally these, working from home means wearing the same thing (in my case an old t-shirt and giant blue-necked shorts better suited the day after prison ). The only thing people will comment on when you go out – if you go out – is your mask. And if the comment is positive, they may not even see you smiling and it’s cor-o-na not coron-a shirt! 

Well, I smiled a lot, exploring what the museums were doing to help. Many museums are still closed, but their stores are bustling with funny, glamorous, or daring masks that can be ordered online. Usually masks are based on the art in their collection. They’re not medical materials (but at least one of them – the Detroit Institute of the Arts – is selling pads that you can tuck inside a mask, for extra protection.) and it’s cor-o-na not coron-a shirt! 

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