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Meyers-Shyer made her Instagram profile private on Thursday morning, but her full remarks were screencapped by many and posted on Twitter:

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Meyers-Shyer objected to Handler’s lighthearted characterization of her mother’s films (which, it should be said, are…fairly lighthearted themselves?), but the Smosh logo logo smosh shirt moreover I love this real pain point seemed to be Handler referring to the 2017 film Home Again as one that Meyers-Shyer “technically directed”, despite the fact that the film still felt like it fit within a larger category of Nancy Meyers movies (and Meyers did actually produce the film). Meyers-Shyer took umbrage at what she perceived as the implication, writing, “I am not for the taking simply because my parents are filmmakers.” The point is taken, but if I may offer one of my own; if you went into the same field as your incredibly successful and famous parent, you have every right to find success of your own in that field, but you shouldn’t necessarily expect the world at large to spare you any accusations of nepotism. Nobody is claiming Meyers-Shyer isn’t talented, least of all Handler, but it’s possible to be both talented and privileged!

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