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Best comment I’ve seen elsewhere: How fragile does your ego have to be John Mulaney Snl Hoodie to enter full blown snowflake meltdown over a razor advert asking you to not act like a jerk. The article doesn’t actually address what Liz is saying. Per the article, when men get the message that most men are bad, they are more likely to behave badly themselves. What Liz is saying is that men who behave badly, regardless of their motivations, are part of the problem. That’s a different question from whether or not the ad itself effectively markets to men. Paulina Ree An interesting article which in no way represents why most of the people who don’t like this ad are upset. Liz’s comment captures it more accurately. Victor Élan Vázquez did you ask these women why they voted for him. You sound very patronizing telling me these women voted against their best interests for Trump. For all you know, they voted for a good reason. I’m Canadian btw.

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Didn’t vote for him. But a main reason liberals are losing ground in the USA is the attitude that y’all know better what other people need or want. This article doesn’t talk about people being outraged at all. It laudes Gillette’s ad, but scientifically and psychologically explains where it falls short, why it won’t create the impact it is aiming for, and discusses how the ad campaign could have been done better and how future ad campaigns may be effective with the message. Interesting and important read, but it doesn’t support what you are asserting. Quite honestly, though feeling attacked by this ad is understandable, it’s still men’s responsibility to examine those feelings and come to a greater understanding of them. If men can’t do that, it’s their problem. Pauline, interesting article that draws a false equivalency between people feeling it was okay to steal petrified wood I’d like to know more about how that was measured; the evidence seems a bit weak and the way humans interact with each other. There are a lot of decent males, but John Mulaney Snl Hoodie too many are not decent, or are too weak to call out trash behavior.

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