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A postal survey to discern Australians desire to change the Marriage Act to encompass the marriage of people of the same gender is before us. Is This Jolly Enough Longsleeve Shirt! What then are the views of the Anglican Church of Australia and indeed of the Parish of St. John’s with All Saints regarding this matter?

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The Anglican Church of Australia’s position on the postal survey is clear. Our Primate and the Archbishop of Melbourne, The Most Revd Philip Freier has stated that Anglicans are to ‘vote’ on this matter as their conscience dictates, recognizing that there are a diversity of views on this proposed change to the Marriage Act. Is This Jolly Enough Longsleeve Shirt! Archbishop Philip has also rightly asked for generosity, compassion, gentleness and Christian charity to be exercised by all members of the Church with respect to this plebiscite, and especially, to members of the LGBTQI community. A copy of his letter can be read on a previous post.
The Parish of St. John’s and All Saints does not have an official position on this matter nor encourages its members to ‘vote’ one way or the other. Our parish is fortunate to have a diverse group of people as members, some whom will affirm this change and others who will decline it. Is This Jolly Enough Longsleeve Shirt! We are fortunate to have gay and lesbian people as members of our congregations and as fellow members of the body of Christ, they must be respected and cared for during this period, as always. Our congregations must continue to be places of Christ’s love, care and respect for all people and a visible witness to the world of our unity in faith.

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