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Jeff Stephanie Huston sucks huh. Maybe instead of being offended they should step back and question whether their actions have made someone else feel that way. Heather Miller you’re right. I linked the wrong article accidentally. See above for the one i was initially referring to. No, i think Kiss Me I’m Gay Or Irish Or Drunk Or Whatever Hoodie the comercial is wicked stupid, this whole toxic masculinity goes overboard to the point where anything masculine is bad. Plus come on, ladies aren’t all sugar and spice and everything nice. Also, this doesn’t mean I think catcalling is ok or any of the other crap. Outrage is often a reactive response to unacknowledged insecurities sometimes warranted that have eroded one’s capacity, and worse desire, to think clearly. It is a telltale sign of dissatisfaction also sometimes merited, that becomes increasingly insupportable the more one and let me be clear: anyone fails to become aware of his or her own preexisting irritations, discomforts. Paulina Ree Sadly, as the Forbes article points out, this ad may not achieve what Gillette or P&G are hoping for in terms of encouraging social change.

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The author stated that he would personally support Gillette because he felt these behaviors should be challenged, He also explained that research has shown that, by including examples of less desirable behaviors and highlighting how common they are, many feel justified in defending or continuing these behaviors. Hopefully, their next ad in the planned series will be more inspiring and encourage people to simply do their best to treat one another with kindness and compassion. The Forbes article is tone policing. It says it’s bad because it hurt feelings. it only hurt feelings because it hit close to home to bad people. It was not a better or more relevant article. It isn’t saying anything neckbeards aren’t spouting. They are called neckbeards because they don’t use this product. it’s a safe bet. I’ll be concerned about Forbes tone policing when they tone police in the right direction, thanks. Thats how i feel when people say if she wasn’t dressed that way and didnleave the bar with three random strangers she wouldn’t have been raped. Its Kiss Me I’m Gay Or Irish Or Drunk Or Whatever Hoodie obvious in most cases these women bring it on their self but no one wants to adress toxic femininity. Then again racial minorities do have much higher rates of domestic violence and violence against women and i dont see any racial minorities in this add, so apparently they were not trying to reach the base most likley to have toxic masculinity because if they were the add would show representation of the groups most likley to commit these acts.

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