Kiss the Ring dynamite all elite eaw wrestling diamond better than you and you know it shirt

Yes you can she can call 911 have them come out and have you arrested as a minor meaning you will most likely go to a juvenile detention center with battery chargesthe fact that you think you don’t have to obey your parents is hilarious she probably doesn’t approve of them because you are a very young impressionable child, can get into some serious trouble if the friends are doing things that you cannot do.and I can tell you one thing you better be glad you are not my child because the minute you laid your hand on me would have been the day you needed dentures because I would have knocked every single tooth out of your head and down your throat. You want to act like an adult and swing like and adult you will be treated like an adult and be put on your ass like one.

Kiss the Ring dynamite all elite eaw wrestling diamond better than you and you know it shirt

Keep on gonkin’ shirt

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In a world full of moms be an autism mamasaurus shirt

I’m a cathy kelley guy shirt

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Dads don’t babysit it’s called parenting shirt

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When i was around 7 I was sleeping on my bed and then around the middle of the night I woke up because it was hot. I almost got a heart attack because I could have seen a shadow by my bed. I then realized it was my mom so I asked her what she was doing there. My mom didn’t answer me though. She was just staring at me. A few minutes later of her looking at me, she then turned around and walked away. I found this strange but I shrugged it off. The next morning, I asked her what she was doing in my bedroom. She frowned and said ‘’ I wasn’t in your room last night’’.

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