Knights Templar Cross Shields Shirt

Knights Templar Cross Shields Shirt Finally, he told me. The sentence wakes me up with fragile illusions: “I … love you but I owe it to her and my son. It is too pitiful to suffer the momentary impulses. And she was too pitiful to love a bad guy like you. I will love, will pay the best for her. Sorry, sorry very much. Wish you happiness! “ Compared to that girl, my bad feelings are nothing.

Simply having the feelings of the heart when loving everyone goes through. I submit to her, to the sacrifice of her without a single plea of ​​resentment immensely. In this world, how many people willing to sacrifice their lives in exchange for the love of their lovers? Knights Templar Cross Shields Shirt Probably the answer just counted on the fingers and she is one of them. A love that is too much is “choking” … even if I accept to love you deeply, I will give up!

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