Larry David pretty good christmas ugly sweatshirt

Here is the short story I wrote in the mid nineties about a different perspective of Christmas called “The War in Bethlehem”. It has been printed and shared around the world. Let me know if it blesses you. Merry Christmas!

Larry David pretty good christmas ugly sweater, shirt and hoodie

Couldn’t resist sharing this……LOL…The foibles of Larry David one one of my favorite situation comedies of all time in 2010…!!..It’s pretty much on the thin line between our G and PG ratings….but Enjoy his frustration of just saying Hello his way…!!!

Pretty good chance I’m gonna be late with our holiday letter this year. So as a consolation, I’m posting this story of self-induced mental torture at Starbucks – really channeling Larry David here. The scariest part is that it’s 100% true.

This video of Larry David playing piano on a iceberg is so pretty it made me cry…

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