Let Brett Bang Black Shirt

Let Brett Bang Black Shirt A told C hostess she would say she would give her a new contract, worth 25 million yen. Mistress C was extremely happy and thanked her. But A made the condition that the mistress C needed to spend 0.5 million yen to buy this contract. Owner C found that it only cost 0.5 million yen to get a 25 million contract. It’s cheap compared to advertising costs. and agreed to give A 0.5 million.

When there were 0.5 million A came to negotiate with Mr. B. The idea was to help Mr. B earn 25% interest in a year. Mr. B was surprised because the interest was higher than the bank. A said: If you sell this shop B to me for 2 million yen. Let Brett Bang Black Shirt This amount looks like he lent me a loan. after a year he will have 2.5 million yen in hand. And please pay in advance of 0.5 million yen. Mr. B found reasonable and agreed.

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