Let’s make America smart again shirt

Our community of strong, smart and independent Let’s make America smart again shirt thinkers have achieved incredible forward strides. For centuries women, especially women in marginalized communities, trans women, black and brown women, disabled women and others have struggled, fought and won the liberties we now enjoy.

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However, the Let’s make America smart again shirt also brought backlash, people trying to intimidate us and shame us, as if we are somehow responsible for the acts committed against us. Learning that there are abusers in our midst can shatter many people’s realities. But for those of us who have been abused, our realities were shattered long ago.

When people try to silence survivors, to shield abusers from accountability, they are trying to protect the Let’s make America smart again shirt and safety those who have experienced abuse have never been able to rely on. Given the reality that regardless of our socioeconomic status or our position in government, harassment and intimidation is still rampant in our daily lives, Women’s March Florida will take an even more direct stand against this harassment and work to abolish it from our communities.

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As such, we will not facilitate or allow any Let’s make America smart again shirt that can be considered a personal assault, harassing in nature, intimidating or otherwise, on our public pages, closed groups, public groups, and all social media accounts. We exist, in part, to create safe spaces for women and femmes, and we will do so with the most unwavering commitment to the women who have put their lives on the line to push this movement forward.

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