LGBT banana vomit shirt

He’s the LGBT banana vomit shirt besides I will buy this opposite of The way federal politics works in America is this the typical politicians build a brand while the moneyed people push the brand from behind. Beryn Porter you sure you weren’t giggling cause of the thought Trump will grab your pu$$y. As I tore each one in half and tossed it in the recycling bin I had to giggle at how much money those ripped up papers must have cost him. He spent t all that to not let Bernie win cause he k ew it was less than the taxes he would face going through my junk mail I had 6 Bloomberg flyers. Biden will probably look at Trump and say we need to unite and defeat Trump. He steered the campaign at just the right moment to endorse Biden, Trump’s nemesis after some other candidates had withdrawn.

























































Just because you have no understanding about what is going on, means you shouldn’t comment and show ignorance, it was not a failure. Philip Neal Maurischat You’re not too bright, he built infrastructure across the LGBT banana vomit shirt besides I will buy this country, with campaign offices and people, he built a computer model to help with the information candidates need to compete. Would be in the billions for him and trillions for Wall Street as a whole. Philip Neal Maurischat First it wasn’t a waste for him because these are all basically ads for self-promotion and second and more pertinently, 600 million is nothing compared to how much Bernie would tax him. And he has gotten to spend 600 million on anti Trump ads paving the way for future battle. Decent point but now he gives them all away in the rest of the states to Biden.

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