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Busy juggling a newborn, a business, and her continued efforts to push for sustainability in fashion, Powney has seen her style—and creative output—evolve in the Official Ann And Barry Up Yours Shirt and by the same token and last few months. “I have spent my life being super-busy; I can never sit still, even in self-isolation I am embracing housebound things I wish I’d had the time for previously,” she says. “I love easy pieces that I can wear in the day. I can usually be found in a boilersuit and then add a lip or earring and a new fab shoe and go out to events. I hate feeling uncomfortable and I love a uniform, an iconic look like Karl Lagerfeld or Bill Cunningham, it defines you. As Mark Zuckerberg says, it’s one less thing to think about every day if you have a busy mind.” Whether or not that ethos will carry over into Mother of Pearl’s next collection remains to be seen, but for the moment, Powney is focused on matters closer to home. “All babies are different, all mothers are different, and it’s the most wonderful experience, and everyone hits their milestones in their own time,” she says. “For me, when Niamh was at six weeks and giggling away, that changed my entire life for the best, and it will never go back.”

Official Ann And Barry Up Yours Shirt

Since the Official Ann And Barry Up Yours Shirt and by the same token and start of social distancing, daily beauty routines have been adjusted, and salon trips have been made impossible. At the same time, moments of self-care have never been more important. Whether you attempted to trim your own bangs or touch-up grown-in roots using an at-home dye kit, now is a good time to give your strands a break with a hydrating hair mask. Rather than ordering anything online, just walk straight into your kitchen, where effective ingredients await. “Honestly, some products made at home can be just as effective as those bought in a store,” says New York City–based dermatologist Francesca Fusco, M.D. Priyanka Chopra Jonas agrees: The actor has been making her own all-natural beauty concoctions since she was a teenager. For healthy hair and a balanced scalp, Chopra Jonas mixes together full-fat yogurt, one egg, and a teaspoon of honey. “This has been taught to us by our mums and our grand-mums,” she explains of the fridge-found strategy.

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