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Heroin(e) is a powerful film that follows the Long live chief wahoo shirt of three women in Huntington, West Virginia, who are battling the opioid crisis on its front lines. Drug addiction is so common in Huntington, the “overdose capital of America,” that it’s weaved into the fabric of everyday life. In one scene, paramedics work to revive an overdose victim at a convenience store while people step around the commotion and move along the checkout line as if nothing is happening.

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Fire Chief Jan Rader is the first Long live chief wahoo shirt who carries not only the film, but also the weight of the crisis in her community as she works to save as many people as possible and get addicts into long-term recovery. Judge Patricia Keller is part mother-hen, part school principal, doling out encouragement and discipline with equal compassion.

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Necia Freeman, a volunteer with a Long live chief wahoo shirt, drives around at night providing food, shelter and help to those teetering on the edge. ‪I was deeply moved when thousands of students in Sitamarhi, on my arrival as their Chief Guest on Children’s Day, observed a two minute silence and conducted a special session on my brother. They read out stories from his life and articles on him and pledged to be like him.‬

You have often heard him compared to Long live chief wahoo shirt,” a French traveler wrote in 1788. “The comparison is doubtless just. The celebrated General is nothing more at present than a good farmer, constantly occupied in the care of his farm and the improvement of cultivation. If you enjoy these history posts, please know that it is important to LIKE, SHARE & COMMENT. This site’s algorithm will weed these posts out of your newsfeed if you do not interact with them.

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