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I saw the note posted on Hard Rock Cafe Deathstar Sweater this week and then I keep hearing rumors about terrarium going away and all I can think is how am I supposed to watch my shows? LOL! Kodi always buffered way too much for me so I stopped using it almost a year ago. I hope it’s gotten better! Going to update it and try it tonight! Troypoint I cannot go back to cable!!! Thanks for keeping me in the loop and cable free!!! Sir, I’ve been following you now a little over a year, just recently I lost kodi and all of my addons. I’m having trouble getting supercharge KODI guide to come to me so I can get kodi going again. Can you tell me what I may be doing wrong? I am clicking on Get your Supercharge guide and then putting in my name and email but I don’t receive anything. And it’s not in my junk folder. This 74 year old man thanks you.  Has anyone verified this works?


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Hard Rock Cafe Deathstar Shirt

I installed it two days ago, didn’t work for me. So, I uninstalled it. Kept getting a message that the server was down. Anyone get it working? Colin Gottlieb agreed. I allowed the add-on to populate, but no avail did it work. I have seen many post regarding this add-on. As you, I wasn’t impressed either.  I have a MBOX and for some odd reason for the past few months I have not been able to see anything on it…I no longer have Exodus what’s going on can you help me? I paid $150 for my box. hi Troy.. sorry to ask this here but can’t find anywhere else to ask you a question.. I got a 3 day trial of InLineTV. Not sure where they got my info but have you heard of them? Any info you can give me. Thank you for all you do to help us. hello, i cant seem to get your supercharge free guide so i can get the firestick to work well. it never shows up in my spam nor inbox. I enjoy Kodi but also use players klub for live stream. Want to add it to a new Roku tv. M3u is no longer available on Roku. Anyone know how else to have it able to run on Roku? please make a Hard Rock Cafe Deathstar Sweater on how to solve kodi error check the log for more information because everything i try to open even youtube i keep getting this message.  I had this same issue. I did factory reset and just started over.

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