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What does Mrs. Doubtfire, Frozen, and Despicable Me have to do with Halloween? Where’s Beetlejuice? Wheres teen witch? Halloween Official I Sheet You Not I’m So Ready For Halloween Tee? Right I was just thinking the same thing. I can get a better lineup and watch a different movie every night by going on Hulu and Netflix. Donna L. Eskew ikr every year I always depend on Hulu, Netflix and my big VHS and DVD collection of Halloween movies. U can see halloween town at any time on the disneynow app ??? just click on disney channel, then when they list shows click on disney original movies. Where is Halloween town and twitches, since when is Mrs doubtfire and frozen Halloween movies this schedule sux what happened to beetleejuice? Oh good, the same 5 movies repeated all month long ?? it’s so irritating, 31 nights of Halloween used to be so good. There are tons of awesome movies you guys can play, but no, we’re gonna watch Hotel Transylvania 5 times and Hocus Pocus every other day ?

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Also, Frozen isn’t even close to being a Halloween appropriate movie, ya dingus lickers. Casper, hotel translyvania 2, beetlejuice, dark shadows, the munsters, twitches, twitches 2, the little vampire,…….there are so many more options. How about like Buffy the Vampire Slayer? The Monster Squad? Little Monsters? I am so glad i don’t pay for cable anymore. They play the same movies over and over…night after night!  Technically like Kelsey said, Halloween town and twitches are disney. Not freeform. But I agree with mrs doubtfire, frozen and despicable me. Beetlejuice would be a great choice!!!! they are just showing the highlights for each day but if you watch freeform all day they do show alot more halloween movies. The Walt Disney Company actually owns ABC. Freeform use to be ABC Family but changed names, they are however also still owned by Disney. So I don’t see why they can’t air Halloween Town. Agreed!! This schedule does suck!! Way to go freeform!! Oh and btw nice job on destroying 25 Days of Christmas too!! I remember that last year! Go back to being ABC Family at least they knew what good shows are!!! The network has to buy rights to play movies, they contract how many times it can play and what times/days if another network also has a contract. Can’t play movies if other networks hold a contract. Older movies are cheaper and get more runs. For example, Maleficent is probably only playing once because it’s newer, bigger names which means way more expensive. They very likely could have spent most of their budget to get that. It’s not as simple as just picking movies, they have a library of Official I Sheet You Not I’m So Ready For Halloween Tee that are contracted to choose from.

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