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Um, false. You should probably do your research before commenting. This is Bethany. SHE is a cancer Plan For Today Coffee Hunt Beer And Fuck Tank Top, as well as a rescue. Her owner/rescuer is also the president of the Emergency Vet Fund, which provides direct payment to the medical provider (s), on behalf of owners who have unforeseen emergencies with their pets and lack of funds to pay for said emergencies.

In summarization, she’s pretty fucking fascinating, and doing anything but exploiting her companion animal. Greg, let me get this straight? You troll me for educating someone who clearly knew nothing she was talking about.. and then troll me again for holding you accountable for your idiotic comment. At what point did you think actually think I was trying to be funny? As if I fucking care what you think. Quit being such a loser, bro.  Dan Rowe Speaking as a first class cunt, I find your comment to be insulting, Greg doesn’t even qualify as a third class cunt. A lowly cuntguddler perhaps and most definitely a cockwomble, but certainly not deserving the title of first class cunt.

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Awwww my looks at jaws and drinking beer Haha Haha Haha Haha Haha Haha Haha Haha Haha Haha Haha Haha Haha Haha.  7 aggressive dips into the carefully poured beer and only 3 snowflake dips into the second glass of beer …… seriously you need to give up journalism and scientific research.  Anyone can claim to be a beer sommelier. He’s a Master Cicerone. It’s a vigorous testing process. I’m level 1 – Certified Beer Server. Studying for level 2 – Certified Cicerone. 4 hour test with written and tasting components. Then level 3 – Advanced Cicerone and finally level 4 – Master Cicerone. It takes years of study to get there and there are only about 15 – 20 in the world who have earned the title of Master Cicerone. You can see who they all are and who they work for by going to .  Jeff Ryan No you wrong. “Sommeliers are wine experts”, yes. Beer Sommeliers are beer experts. It is new term, and new profession. So it can be named jus as “they” want. Not true. As the beer enters your mouth and makes it way down it releases the gas. Thus making us burp. This would only be true if the beer went direct to the stomach undisturbed. Doing it wrong? Maybe in America. Every single Plan For Today Coffee Hunt Beer And Fuck Tank Top in Belgium knows how to pour a beer properly and uses the glass uniquely made for the beer in question.


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