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I’m getting ready to retire and just found out that my Medicare that I’ve paid into for 45 years is going to cost me $136 a
Month out of my SS ! Plus supplemental $ 140 a month ! That’s like $3000 a year while I’m retired ! And I already paid for 45 years. Greetings from Scandinavia, where health care is provided for all. I wish you the best of success. A Queens Are Born In January 10 Reasons Tee should provide for its citizens when they are sick, poor or weak! It is inhumane to target those who cannot manage themselves! I hope that one day Bernie will also take on the issue of legalizing cannabis, something else this country needs. We need that, universal healthcare, free college, and equal pay for equal work to truly be considered at the forefront. The USA is behind in world standards in so many ways. We need to fix this country. Jim Woodson as a I could not understand how Americans had SO MUCH incorrect information about our healthcare. Thanks to social media I now know. I have watched hours and hours of video. All of it Republican politicians telling lie after lie about our healthcare. So then I wondered why? …also easy to find out.

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A very very large part of republicans Financial support comes from donors who have become very wealthy off Americans healthcare. Or lack of it . Or the politician themselve is invested in pharmaceutical or health care healthcare is not for profit it is for the people. Republicans are afraid of losing their piggy bank
And you are apparently helping them. I am a Family Medicine Physician with MS. I’m recently faced with being unable to do my current job, providing Primary Care to individuals of all ages, secondary to disability AND being reliant on an employer’s health insurance benefit. The Marketplace is not a cost feasible option when you’re the primary breadwinner for a family of five and faced with unemployment. MEDICAID won’t cover any of my expensive disease modifying agents for my MS! I feel like I’m driving a car through Appalachia and the breaks went out. I don’t know how much longer I can keep this car on the road. Bernie, I just freaking love you!!!! How much you have opened the eyes and hearts of so many people, here in the US, and world wide!!! Forever I am thankful for your presence in this difficult time. You give us hope!! If Bernie decides to run, I am for him. Ruth Bader Ginsberg is 84 and going strong. I have an aunt who’s teaching full time at 95. If someone is healthy, there’s no reason age should be a Queens Are Born In January 10 Reasons Tee. People are living into the 100s these days.

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