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I agree Emily. A human has died and people are using him as a punchline. It shows the regression on human decency. I’m appalled.  Nah there are human lives more valuable than the life of that… guy… but you dont hear or care about them dont you?  I try to laugh everyday even when something sad happens. I laughed when my dog died I laughed at my uncle’s funeral because I like to believe they’re laughing too in the afterlife. OH NO!! NOT LIL PEEP…………. Actually, never heard of it. Who the F is little Peep? Sorry-“LIL PEEP”. Are we going to start posting things for every youtube person that od’s? Schuyler Delfosse somebody should have stepped in when he is high af , popping pills on youtube . That is today’s rap . He and some other pop stars rap stars glorify popping pills. Schuyler Delfosse Prince overdosed and I feel bad. Prince wasn’t making fun videos of him popping tons of pills. This kid was. Nobody cared enough to step in and save him. Tahir Razvi Why would I have that level of sympathy when he made drug use cool. I am sure kids are popping pills because he did it in videos as a cool Rapper Logic Fuck The Wall Tee. You think that is a good thing?

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Anne Vandersmissen do you know what that child did? glorified popping pills and doing drugs, so other kids can do it too? why are you bringing up Trump? I didn’t vote for him. I think he should be out of office. But you think its ok to glorify drug use for the kids to see? he didn’t do it behind closed doors. he put this stuff on youtube. he is YouTube singer/rapper that got famous on YouTube. He was also an addiction that made videos of him popping pills and he had an overdose. Now people say I’m racist against white people. No parent in their right mind would ignore them if they even joked about a Rapper Logic Fuck The Wall Tee like drugs. Even if its all “Shtick”, you MUST investigate.  regardless of color, i bet these dudes are more responsible for people getting high than some dude dealing on the corner. ask these sympathisers if they would allow there kids to listen to this dudes music or support him in any way KNOWING what he’s about and what he promotes? Then they want to put rapper next to his name. That is the downfall of rap. People calling themselves rappers. I looked at videos…..WTF is this? Rap? It’s less rap than lil yachty and that aint rap either. It is sad to hear when a young, a very young person pass away but if the cause of such death is an Od’s , many people loose empathy for the deceased , it is well known that the use and abuse of any drug it causes addiction with that being said in the majority of cases such addiction began with a choice , personally I’m more concerned in why our young ones are making such choice ! Probably because some media advertising and tv shows portraits that is a must do thing in order to fit in nowadays
We have to regain what we’ve lost long time ago(family values) may this young man soul rest in peace and God bless us all.

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