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I glad he it what he did. Steve Miller that’s not what they are saying you are twisting up things. Its not about Sons Of Freedom Divorced Chapter Long Sleeve men dating white women. This is about underaged kids trying to do adult things way to fast and yes it is a concern if the young lady is white because her parents might try to press charges. Not everything needs to be recorded for the net. Put ur phone down talk to ur kids be a PARENT. Do it because its ur responsibility as a Parent to teach ur kids NOT for views. My mom caught me and my boyfriend in bed once and she made us go to his parents house and tell his (conservative, religious) parents what we had just been doing. It was so mortifying. I am so glad social media wasn’t a thing when I was in high school.   Oh god here comes the poor kid millennial attitudes … it takes a village to raise kids especially now a days.


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He didn’t show faces or names as a mother I’d be more concerned for the boys having charges against them or my daughter sharing a bed with two boys of being assaulted , or how bout stds or pregnancy … but yes let’s not hurt their feelers. that might work at the junior high school level but what parent is going to leave a first grader alone a home to learn online?  Susan Hammock Stoler only in elementary. The kids could stay with a grandparent. Schooling could be done at night. There are so many options. you’re assuming there is a grandparent nearby. That’s not the case for millions of families, unfortunately. And most grandparents have to work to pay off the mortgage. That’s not how it works. There are tutorials and live courses- the teacher can see the students and vice versa. The instructor facilitates the class. I don’t see why we have to bow down to the EU. It is embarrassing to see our Prime minister prostrating herself to these EU thugs. We may be a bit battered but we are a proud nation. I say no more giving in to the EU. Bob Cruickshank I would not like to see anybody bow down, especially at this present Sons Of Freedom Divorced Chapter Long Sleeve. I know Scotland voted to stay overall but there were a lot of Scots who did vote to leave. I am not happy about the present offer but I cannot understand why people are worried about WTO rules.

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