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No one will benifit form puctures of Trump Grinch Make Christmas Great Again Ladies Shirt and naked men or woman strutting around. Time to level up and make a lasting change in society. My thing is Less is More,,, don’t be influenced…. I gave up on the influence of a marketed society to create happiness… it doesn’t work,, a person should be there own influence to happiness,, don’t buy into influence of another’s agenda, stick to your own agenda if you know what that is… my influential agenda is pure happiness with the least amount of possessions possible… possessions are infuenced by others making themselves seem happy when on the inside they hurt so deep it makes an unhealthy being… in the last month I have donated and recovered costs of possessions purchased out of influence,,, I lost a lot doing it,, but I have gained so much more! My has cleared,, my shoulders are lighter,, and my spirit has more room to grow being free of the monopolization of peoples influence. 

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It’s honestly all on the person who is viewing. Isn’t this every “watch who you follow on social media speech because it’s not real life” speech?… This guy usually has some pretty unique outlook on subjects but this is off for me. If people inspire eachother to Follow Their dreams! Like What we try to do with our travel page. And help eachother reaching your dreams. And meet eachother anywhere in the world and make New friends.. What mind set they are currently in when viewing as well. Social Media is a way to express who one is or what you sought out to be like. There is entirely too much negativity with social media viewing for most people at certain times. Some don’t post for the fame, but end up being famous. So should they then change their way of posting due to their amount of followers?!? At the end of the day it’s their page instead of their viewer’s. I personally just post cool things I come across and a little about me. I don’t aim to post so that my viewers have to ask if the post made them better or worst. Social Trump Grinch Make Christmas Great Again Ladies Shirt is very tricky to handle in so many different ways, due to so many different opinions. Its truth thats why we strive as influencers with our brand to increase the value we bring to society. Not every sickness is influenza…

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