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Though I am big fan of his vocabulary however certain statements like this really worry me ! Paid Pakistani Agent. Has joined Congress to have direct link with LET. Need not to be counted as indian. Don’t be surprised , if he comes out with open support to Khalistan whose members are supported and nourished by Pakistani govt agents and our Congress and its anti indian crooked allies.  Kaushik Dutta – it is the congress dividing India for region, religion, langauge, food, appearance, casts, sub-casts, etc. They want agents like Siddu to carry on their divide India policy. They are the root cause for all problems, india is facing today. They have openly supported LET during Vote Watts For Congress Empowering Our Future Tee

Time to get Muslim votes. In India, North, East, West who does not eat Vada , Dosa, sambhar, Uttapam, drink coffee which is also South Indian drink. Sidhu has hone mad. He seem to have become member of Tukde Gang. Toh maat aao na kisne aapko bhulya h?? plzz such judgemental people stay away from south india…its a humble request. Insane guy !! In south English is common language & Hindi is spoken in metros & B towns . This guy is comedian & he understood language of Pakistan Army chief & hugged him when he told I will massacre Indians . South India is very well managed and safe too! Infrastructure is well developed! I have stayed in both North and South India and currently staying and settled in Maharashtra where I belong!

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I still remember how I used to travel for 8 hours to cover a distance of just 280 KMs from Lucknow to Varanasi by road and the entire stretch having not even one good eatery! While that is more to do with economic prosperity and wealth redistribution too which North needs badly! People are good everywhere! As long as “you” are good to them! That’s his opinion guys , the guy is not used to with delicious dosai and idli. He is from Punjab just roti’s and pakistani’s serve roti and naan . Nothing serious about it . We do have differences in states culture, food many things

but we have difference in home between brothers and sisters but we don’t compare or let them down with neighbors or enemies. Paaji i respect sikh community a lot but pointling in others religion is not a sardar thing, personally i wish in my next birth i want to be a punjabi and south indian are our brothers and, one thing i like about south indian is they respect their culture a lot more than north Vote Watts For Congress Empowering Our Future Tee and i have noticed this thing during my last visit in south indian states to south indian hindu aap log sachhe hindu ho love u our south indian brothers.


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