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What a top, top man! Hope he makes a full and fast recovery. He’s got a young child to play with, rather he could play with his kids than catch TD’s for us Bears fans. If he can do the latter than that is just a bonus. I have new respect for Mr. McCaskey after listening to this clip. The Bears may not be the greatest this year, but it sounds like our owner still knows that relationships with those around you are the most important thing in life! You caught that dang ball Zach! You caught all of our hearts too!! Continued thoughts & prayers for you all for strength & healing & recovery! Can’t wait to see you in uniform on the Zach Miller Mitch Please Tee! Meanwhile you take care know there’s so many out there who love & support you! Have a blessed holiday & new year! I fell in love with you at Ladies night. You guys were so funny and had such camaraderie. I have followed you and your career since then. You will always be my favorite Bear. My friends would tease and say I was just having a Zach attack during a game when you made a great play.

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My admiration and respect have only grown with how you are handling this adversity. Hugs and prayers for you and your family. Zach Miller is an awesome human being and i wish you the very best for your future life even if you won’t be able to play again you are a bear forever dude! Wow, what an emotional interview! Zach you are simply amazing! Bears fans are so blessed to have you on our team, showing the world what it means to be a human. Continued healing and peace for you and your family. Zach Im so glad they saved your leg man. I had a scare recently that reminded me of you. See, I have this daughter that happens to be one of the best natural soccer players I’ve ever met. Shes only 14 but she kicks the ball at speeds that I’m sure onlycollege or professional level girls can kick. She outperforms every girl her age and even most boys. Yesterday I got a call from her school that she may have broken her ankle in gym. We spent a hectic day in the E.R. and a quick care facility. All I could think about is “what if this ruins her future in soccer?” I was scared to death for her and thought of you and what you are going through. Luckily Zach Miller Mitch Please Tee came back ok with no breaks but she can’t walk on it at all and they have her in crutches.

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