Luke Perry Death 90210 Sweater

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Why is it that Braun, Kevin, Drew and Dolphin can do what they want?But when it’s Luke Perry Death 90210 Sweater Roman and the Shield they either get fined, suspended or arrested how fair is that. Get rid of Corbin he sucks he should be Stephanie butler. I still don’t really understand Braun’s heel turn. Built him up to become a fan favorite, recently he tagged with a kid to win tag team belts. Ok, time to make him heel again, and be with Ziggler and crew? Braun strowman he don’t have confidence , he don’t have too much style, and he don’t have power he just have power because of that money in the bank. After all wwe did to build strowman up and make him look like a dangerous challenger to reigns after the attack a week ago this is how raw ends with reigns taking strowman out with one Samoan drop are you kidding me. It will never happen if wwe let Lesnar keep the belt nearly 2 years without defending it I think Reigns needs to keep it longer than 2 months. Really people Roman’s a great wrestler from a big family of wrestlers.

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What would you rather see doink the clown the genius repoman how about the dentist. Now they were pretty bad characters. Roman is just as good as his dad and cousins . A future hall a Famer like the rest of his family. That’s the only man you can’t mess with,Roman Reign will destroy you remember last time he put you in the ambulance and smash the car to the wall you came out bleeding. They have the roles wrong and because of that, the crowd doesn’t pop for Reigns or, unfortunately now, Strowman. Unless they are planning something less-heelish for Braun in the future, they just sacrificed one of their biggest stars to satisfy The Roman Project. Strowman yo strong yes, but u have no gas, and roman guy is one guy with all “his strong and has enough gas” to sustain him in a match. For your on good strowman, u can only bring roman down in a TLC mutch were can get help of tables, chairs Luke Perry Death 90210 Sweater and ladders, but u can win roman without help, u better tell your boys to help u in HELL, coz the big dog will even bit your soul.

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