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One of the first things I decided was that I would make 2,000 tank tops with the word holy on them and give one to everybody who comes to the show, expressing that you are holy to me, that everybody is holy. Two thousand holy people in one space: Would that not be magic? That was my dream. And also to further this message that Patti and Allen started.

Dibs on the welder shirt

Why a tank top? I chose a tank top because I think it’s beautiful. I often am inspired by children because their nudity is so innocent and so fragile, and if you put a man’s tank top on a child, which I did with my son, it just looked so holy, you know? By the way, I let him finish the show with Kirsten [Owen]. He said, ‘Oh, mom, can I walk too?’ I said, ‘Yeah, why not?’

Dibs on the welder s hoodie den

I found this chain so beautiful: Allen Ginsberg makes a poem, Patti brings it into the world like 20 years later. I thought it would be beautiful if I could be one step further in the chain and bring the message that I found so beautiful to my audience. I was in love with this poem.

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