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Grab a mans testicles and see how quick he calms down better than a rubber Mein Besen Ist Zerbrochen Also Geh Ich Jetzt Laufen Hoodie  bullet which can be lethal. At close range better stay in the house so nothing will happen to you how ironic that the. People of hong kong are protesting to be free of an undemocratic superstate next door when deluded souls. Amongst their erstwhile colonial masters are protesting for their country to remain the vassal of one we should be. Doing that in the uk sounds as though they are making things up to protest. Ya media always portray police as the bad guy when rioters went on a rampage. Media dont cover they just enjoy that after that they are going to find something. Else to protest over you accused the police publicly but completely cover your face i dont believe a single word.

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These pathetic protestors will say and do anything here in hong kong no one knows what. They are protesting about anymore they just keep finding more ridiculous excuses to continue their. Vandalism and violence enough already us will welcome you all with open arms and you can protest. Everyday in us why is hong kong speaking from central government not itself why do hong kong people not. Answer in english when they are interviewed by international media but in their own language cantonese. Release all arrested Mein Besen Ist Zerbrochen Also Geh Ich Jetzt Laufen Hoodie protesters against the extradition bill without charges it is totally destroying hong kongs international image u. Are in bbc dear speak english when u holding a union jack in london they dont speak.

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