Miceshirt- Impostor Pasta Among Us Italia Shirt

For many Allbirds fans, the Miceshirt- Impostor Pasta Among Us Italia Shirt and quality (and friendly prices) will be more than enough to justify the purchase. But the process of creating this capsule sparked bigger ambitions for Brown and Zwillinger. As they developed the puffer and weighed their options for materials and components—metal or recycled plastic zippers, down or synthetic fill—they also gained a new clarity in the natural-versus-synthetic conversation. “It can be challenging because certain natural materials actually have a higher carbon impact than recycled plastic,” Zwillinger says. “But through this journey with apparel, we’ve come to the conclusion that using plastic [in any form] is a fool’s errand. It’s never going to get us where we need to be, and there’s always going to be a net-positive carbon impact. But the opposite can be true for natural materials.”

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Impostor Pasta Among Us Italia Shirt

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