It’s miller time t-shirt

Well , basically the colours with a cool shade or dark shade ,like dark blue or any light or dark colour yellow , pink , green . The basics of colour’s while you are trying to wear will be the pattern like dark /light , For example if you wear dark colour like dark blue or navy blue You should wear biscuit colour or black pant on it. The visualization of a human based on the colour which our ancestors. Had a uniform pair in our genes or in our brain For example like , red rose with green stem ,or green parrot or white parrot , Another example .If you asked a man in western countries to think about parrot they think about a white or yellow or blue parrot in other hand if you asked a man in India to think about parrot they usually say it green because of the environment. So if you are wearing a dark blue shirt ,you can go for any light colour denim jeans or light colour pants .for eg. light blue denim jeans will go best with the dark blue shirt because the combination of light and dark colour is the best combination , as it gives you rich and decent look and if you want to wear formals then go for the light grey pant.
It's miller time t-shirt

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