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Every country has rapists, but the difference is that some countries have more financial resources needed to prosecute rapists. In a democracy, prosecuting a criminal can be so painful for the victim to witness, the burden of proof is on you and you have to prove beyond reasonable doubt that the person in question raped you. The Mood It’s Above Me Now Hoodie success rate is higher than current rehab and community services. Mark says 80% of the people who follow that programme do not go back to alcohol or drugs that’s a pretty bold statement to make and I’d love to see that stats backing this up. lways good when people sort their lives out when there is help and they use it. Literacy rates, sexual repression, female infanticide, extreme poverty and religious madbess slamming against rapid growth and modernisation. India has a lot of problems and cases like this will not go away quickly. Sexual abuse has.

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However, what bothers me is that this was planned by a group to be perpetuated on a very small nomadic group. Six men don’t just decide to kidnap and rape/torture/murder a child purely for religion or land. I reckon they’ve offended previously and then got into a little excited pedophile ring and used the other stuff to hang the blame. Or deflect, maybe? Hideous stuff and I feel deeply for the poor parents. Criminal minded people are everywhere, in every country and child abuse also happening in world most developed country. We just needs true then that would be phenomenal but I’d like to see the proof yet I cant find it. Stories like this warm the heart though, those that do take up help and turn their lives around deserve every respect. Shame on the BBC, shame on you for upsetting the Nations over 75’s including ALL the Mood It’s Above Me Now Hoodie Veterans who  this case I would argue it does though I agree that’s not usual. If not one of the most important factors it certainly played a part.

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