Mortal Kombat Sub Zero shirt

About 17 years ago, I went about Mortal Kombat Sub Zero shirt my day like any other. A friend brought her 6 month over for me to watch while she went to garage sales that morning. It was a beautiful summer day and I decided to carry him outside to walk around for awhile. I walked outside with him and was prepared to go down the three steps to get from house to ground. However, for a reason still unknown to me, I lost my balance on the top outdoor step. There was no railing. We fell off the side of a set of steps about 4 large steps off the ground. Somehow, my body instinctively protected him, which I am forever grateful for. He had no injuries besides being scared. The front half looked like it was separated from the back half. Luckily I had my phone. I called my friend and she got there in 5 minutes and called the ambulance. I went to th he ER and was transferred to a bigger hospital, where I had emergency surgery for a lis franc dislocation.

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