My Broom Broke So Now I Deliver Mails Shirt

 My Broom Broke So Now I Deliver Mails Shirt, Hoodie And Sweater

The my broom broke so now i deliver mails shirt!  This story begins with an email sent by a viewer to News 8. Mark Pacana lives in New Jersey, but he wants to move to San Diego. Every morning, he watches Ace Tattoo Surf Cam in Ocean Beach, where two men keep an eye on them. “Every morning I see a pickup truck pulled up, a beige pickup,” said Mark over our online call. “They went out, they opened the back of the pickup truck, they took out two buckets and they walked around the entire beach area to clean. May God bless them to have done what they are doing ”. Mark asked me if I could thank those men, so my photographer Scott Hall and I got up early and drove down to O.B. and make sure they were in the parking lot next to the pier and my broom broke so now i deliver mails shirt!  

“Morning,” I said. I met a man with a smile saying, “Morning.” I told him, “You have a fan, watching you from New Jersey from the webcam over there.” I found out, David Hendon and Marc Gervais are two friends who wake up at dawn every day to pick up free trash. Work hard! I said, “You’re sweaty. It is five o’clock in the morning. Why must work so hard? “Marc told me,” Well because the place looks like (complete). ” Marc and Dave are homeless and live in this truck with their dog Pico and my broom broke so now i deliver mails shirt!  “I love this community and people come here at night and smash bottles and you know we are dog lovers and I hate seeing a dog on a piece of glass and cutting their hooves,” said Marc.

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