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While dealing with dark and violent subject matter, Promising Young Woman manages to be stunningly beautiful in its contradictions and complexities. The dichotomy of Cassie—both saccharine sweet and lethally poisonous—is entrenched in every facet of the Volley Llama vintage shirt Also,I will get this film, from the vivid ’80s-inspired set design and its emphasis on red and blue colors to the soundtrack, which revives Paris Hilton’s sugary pop wonder “Stars Are Blind” and introduces a hair-raising orchestral cover of Britney Spear’s “Toxic.” Her wardrobe oscillates between sweet, feminine pastel clothes and wicked, come-hither costumes by night. This dramatic chasm drives Cassie’s beauty too.

Volley Llama vintage shirt

During the Volley Llama vintage shirt Also,I will get this day, Cassie looks like a millennial Brigitte Bardot with kitten flicks, a muted pink pout, and a tumble of voluminous blonde waves, which are sometimes topped off with a petal pink silk ribbon or a wide sky blue headband. “When you see her as normal coffee shop girl Cassie, she’s very natural,” says makeup artist Angie Wells, who played up Mulligan’s natural glow with bare-looking skin and dabs of sheer, cool pink Kosas’s LipFuel balm in Rush on the mouth. But when Cassie morphs into one of her after-dark characters? “Her makeup is stronger, glossier, and smeared,” says Wells, who emphasized Mulligan’s eyes by intentionally melting her black mascara and haphazardly smudging MAC’s Pro Longer Fluidline in Blacktrack in a droopier, downturned shape for a “sad eyeliner” effect. For the lips it was about drawing on different shapes in bolder colors such as MAC’s Liptensity Pencil in vibrant pink Royally Flush. The only through line between day and night is an Easter egg–colored manicure. “The reality is she’s packaging herself as this person that looks like an easy mark for a guy that sees an opportunity for himself,” explains Wells. “This makeup is being used for sexual appeal, but it also showcases what is happening with her mentally.”

Volley Llama vintage s hoodie

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