Never underestimate a woman who understand football and loves Buffalo Bills shirt

I am a plumber, and I got a call one early Sunday morning that a guy had no water and was in the middle of having his daughter and about 10 of her girlfriends having a sleepover. They were all of 9 and 10 years old. I said I would come over and help. I crawled under his mobile home to find the leak and was reaching over my head to find it when I pulled my hands back; they were covered in soot. Here the gas heater for the house had caught fire burning through the floor, and some flooring made contact with the plastic water main burning through it and spraying water all over under the house putting the fire out. With 11 little girls in a strange house, they would never have gotten out. I fixed it and would not charge him; don’t mess with God’s miracles.

Never underestimate a woman who understand football and loves Buffalo Bills shirt

Miami Dolphins 55th anniversary 1966-2021 thank you for the memories signatures shirt

Los Angeles Dodgers 7 time world series Champions 1995-2020 shirt

Kansas City Chief 2020 AFC West division shirt

I used to have winter fat now I have spring rolls shirt

I run on caffeine and diesel and a whole lot of Jesus shirt

I am not always rude and sarcastic sometimes I’m sleep shirt

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During a very rough financial time in my life, I slept in my truck. I was blessed to have a Ford F-150 with a bench seat. I slept in that truck for one month and went to work during the day. I shaved my head to prepare so I wouldn’t appear so messy at work. I shaved behind the building where I parked with a water spigot. I used my work earnings as a down payment on an apartment and things got slowly better. I slept very well at night after I got used to hearing animals move and being afraid of junkies trying to rob me.

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