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This man and his I am no man shirt have been married for over 15 years without any child, they have tried so hard to conceive but all their efforts proved to be fruitless. People started mocking them including friends and family. Sometimes the man would cry himself to sleep “oh god why?!” The man started misbehaving and treating his wife badly, “IF YOU CANT GIVE ME A CHILD, WHAT IS YOUR PURPOSE IN MY HOUSE?” the man will shout at his wife and this left the woman so heart broken.

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One night, the I am no man shirt kneel down and pray to God “LORD, I AM READY TO LAY DOWN MY LIFE IF I CAN HAVE JUST ONE CHILD, I WANT TO KNOW WHAT IF FEELS LIKE TO BE A MOTHER” I WANT YOU TO REMOVE THE GARMENT OF SHAME FROM ME” Behold, the woman got pregnant that month and happiness returned into her heart but her husband was still not the man I am no man shirt used to know, IF TRULY YOU ARE PREGNANT, LET’S WAIT TILL YOU GIVE BIRTH, YOU CANT FOOL ME!! Her husband shouted on her, they were both patiently waiting for the day she will delivered.

After 9 months, the I am no man shirt put to bed and gave birth to a baby boy, she died minutes after giving birth but before her last breathe she left a voice note and told the doctor to play it for her husband. Her voice note was “MY HUSBAND, I LAID DOWN MY LIFE TO PROVE TO YOU THAT I TRULY LOVE YOU AND I WANT TO BUILD A HOME YOU, I TOLD GOD TO GIVE ME A CHILD IN EXCHANGE OF MY LIFE, EVEN THOUGH YOU IGNORED ME WHILE I WAS PREGNANT BUT THANK GOD, WE NOW HAVE A CHILD, TAKE CARE OF HIM. The I am no man shirt fainted because it was too late to say SORRY.

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I am no man hoodie

If you are reading this, barrenness will never be your portion, may God bless your marriage with beautiful and healthy children and to all the women trying to conceive, receive your fruit of the womb in Jesus name. Dear husbands, please always support your wife if she is trying to conceive, don’t be harsh but love and support her always. Type amen and share. Please share this I am no man shirt.

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