Nominate Toni Collette You Cowards Shirt

Nominate Toni Collette You Cowards Shirt! When a person is gone — it’s just time for the angel to bring the wings and return to heaven … that’s all!”On the afternoon of the thirty days of Tet … Hyun sends a message via inbox to Kha: “Happy new year to godfather …”. And after that, short messages would be sent continuously between the two friends; tease yes,

with each other yes, ask if there’s any interest, all sorts of things that for nearly a year the two of them haven’t met to tell each other. Well, best friends have been together for eight years, right? Nominate Toni Collette You Cowards Shirt! Besides, between those two people, they also established a relationship, and said that Hyun was “strange” and “attached”: “godfather — daughter”.

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