Official Bill Nye March for Science Shirt and hoodie

Anyone else seeing a theme for the weekend? Bill Nye comes back the day before the March for Science! Bernie Sanders and Bill Nye discuss renewable energy ⚡climate change ? and more! Going to the March for Science on April 22nd? You can’t go naked! Well, you can, but that would send a very confusing message to lawmakers. As soon as he knew about the march, Isaac wanted to raise money for science. He plans to collect bow ties and sell them at the march. Instead of a lemonade stand, he plans to have a bow tie stand.”

Official Bill Nye March for Science Shirt:

Fellow skeptics, I encourage you to be more vigilant with your likes and shares of things. While this fake page stealing the likeness of prominent scientists and activists is taking out ads, many of you are still liking sharing, and possibly buying their stolen design. The ads they’re using are poorly photoshopped images (proof in the comments). In addition to Jamie, they’ve used Bill Nye and Neil deGrasse Tyson.

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