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Official Celine Paris Shirt! After being married for more than a year, Mian Thien couple had to live separately but had no land. He and his wife worked on the upland fields with their parents so the two houses were the same. But for a period of time in the village, the husband of Me Thien asked to leave because he felt that he did not like the scene of his son-in-law and because the people talked too much.

The couple went to Phieng Lay to live together in the cramped house of the mother-in-law of Mo Thien, then heard that they had to give extra fields to build a house … Back then, Official Celine Paris Shirt! I was in high school in my internal school When he was in the province, he came home several times a year, so he did not know much about the situation of Mi Thien, but after he got married,

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