Official Clay Matthews Shirt

Official Clay Matthews Shirt! Three months of tiring debt collection have passed, one day, the director called me up and talked, he asked about dealers about the product, the price, which product sold well, the debt policy, I was very Worry but the result was unexpected. The director smiled and told me: you work very well, you can go to business tomorrow. I realized that on the way back,

because I knew that I was just in Hanoi and had just graduated, so I didn’t have any experience, so he wanted me to learn from reality. Three months of handling I was on the way back, Official Clay Matthews Shirt! I had all the agents, big and small, I also knew all the product codes and prices of the products the company was selling. Know which products sell well, sell to which agents, sell to which regions. Who are the competitors, what are their products … Those things come naturally during my delivery.

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