Official The cult sonic temple world tour shirt

In the Official The cult sonic temple world tour shirt Furthermore, I will do this beauty world of Instagram this past week, a few muses offered up creative makeup inspiration just in time for spring. Princess Nokia showed off a graphic, light-reflective winged liner look, Jessica Wu wore thick sparkly, silver liner that paired nicely with a sterling manicure, and makeup artist Priscilla Ono brought the heat with a blood orange shadow and peachy lips. Then, makeup artist Khai graced feeds with an angelic gaze, lilac lids, and highlighter while sharing their Ramadan goals in their caption.According to Czech, ice cubes can be used as an eye treatment in one of two ways. “Use a cold compress made out of cotton and chamomile tea and rest it on your eyes for a few minutes,” she says. “Or, wrap ice cubes in gauze and slide the cubes from the inner eye corners up towards the brow in a circular motion.” Either way, the drainage of excess fluid will dramatically improve the appearance of tired-looking under-eyes. Another trick? Dr. Fusco freezes iced coffee squares as the caffeine’s constrictive properties help with swelling.

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